What is social analytics?

Social analytics means the collection and analysis of data, and statistics about how customers interface with an organization online.

Over the last few decades, social analytics have become one of the most crucial forms of informed business intelligence, which is leveraged to gather customer data, predict their behaviours and respond to their actions.

In our everyday life, whenever we browse an online shopping store, use a credit card to buy a product, or share special discounted offers from our favourite mobile brand on our social networks, we are continually throwing out hints of intelligence. These hints are goldmine of information for brands who want to learn about us, our behaviours and patterns.

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With every single click that we make online, specific data about our online activities are being collected and it is now very rare to find any website that does not collect user data in one way or the other. Some websites use a specific social analytics and customer activities monitoring tool, while others use various tools to do the job.

In its most basic form, website owners use a generic and popular social analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, to capture, analyse, decipher and use data. Some of the data gathered from these tools include unique website visits, most viewed pages, search terms used to find the website and the physical location of the visitors. There are many other advanced set of data which can be gathered using basic social analytics tools. The core purpose in gathering the information is to understand how to make the website a better experience for your customers.

Other than Google analytics, there are many other social analytics tools which offer better reporting features. The data gathered from these tools can help a company better understand its audience, their behaviours and activities. The data helps organisations measure their return on investment (ROI) on their social media strategies, and to then how to plan for the future use of social media to generate profit.


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